Tree Trimming / Pruning

Tree Removal
Pruning and Trimming Trees Pruning a tree is essential for the health and attractiveness of the tree. Removing dead or dying branches and limbs improves airflow and reduces pest problems and disease allowing the tree to become stronger and more attractive. Pruning a tree involves removing the dead, crossing, and broken branches on the tree for the benefit, health, and beautification of the tree. Now, you need to be able to decide which parts to actually prune in order to achieve your goal of a prettier, healthier, and safer tree. Pruning a tree requires special training and knowledge, which we have and are more than willing to prune your tree for you.

As pruning is so essential for the tree, it is a very common part of tree maintenance. Tree RemovalNot only can removing the decaying branches improve the air flow throughout the tree, it can also help to rid your tree of pests and disease to the overall benefit of your tree. However, pruning is no simple matter and one wrong cut can cause serious damage to the tree and could ultimately take years off of its life.

Pruning fruit trees can ultimately increase their fruit production and help it to hold more of the fruit once they mature.

The Essentials for Pruning Younger Trees
Young trees that undergo proper pruning will require less maintenance as adults. A few things to remember when pruning are that every but can adjust the way the tree will grow, an improper cut can seriously injure a tree, the wound created will never fully go away, not pruning a young tree can cause damage to the adult tree because it will require larger cuts which are more damaging to the tree.

Pruning Trees That Have Just Been Planted

When you have just planted a tree you should limit the amount of pruning you do. Removing disfigured branches will ultimately help the tree, but leave the rest for later years. Contrary to popular belief, trees should not be pruned upon planting, in fact, a tree that is left untouched will flourish more quickly than one that is.