Tree Removal

Tree RemovalTree RemovalTree Removal
Tree removal is a very necessary part of arboriculture and one that  All American Tree takes very seriously.  Eliminating  a dead or dying tree or a tree that has become hazardous it is necessary to remove / cut down the tree. Tree removals are also done to eliminate competition in your yard so the remaining shrubs and plants have more light and space to grow. Another common reason for tree removal  is to make room for something new. If you are expanding or renovating your home, it simply may not be possible to work around your trees. Once the renovation is complete, you can always plant a new tree to replace the tree that was cut down.Here are some signs that tree removal may be necessary: Mushrooms growing along the roots or on the trunk. Tree canopy that is over 50% dead. Hollowing out of the trunk of the tree.  Tree is leaning more than it has in the past.Die-back on the tips and tops of branches (This can be reversed at times through proper tree care, aeration or fertilization).

Tree Removal is very dangerous, especially around power lines, and should only be attempted by a skilled, experienced professional, such as All American Tree.  We at All America Tree Service are experts at tree removal and we provide complete clean up of debris and cause minimal impact to the surrounding area.

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